Welcome to Zen Zone

***Our online store is closed until 14th January 2019, so any orders placed may not be shipped out until then. Have a merry Christmas and a safe new year***

**To all our wonderful customers - we have sold the physical shop in Pukekohe (63 Edinburgh Street) to the wonderful Trish, while we have kept the Zen Zone website. Trish has spent time rearranging the shop in Pukekohe, putting in her own touch and wonderful flair and she has now re-opened as Crystal Bliss! And oh what bliss it is! Come down and check out the great new stock at Trish's shop Crystal Bliss in Pukekohe!**

**To those customers who still wish to purchase Water Fouantains, Himalayan Salt Cooking Slabs and Bonsai Tools, we still sell those directly from our Zen Zone website right here!**


Welcome to Zen Zone...we are now an online-only shop that specialises in Himalayan Salt Cooking Slabs and Indoor Table-Top Water Fountains. We stock New Zealand's largest selection of Table-top Water Fountains! We are based in Takanini, Auckland.



Team Zen Zone