Frequently asked Questions About Salt Lamps


Q: Do Salt Lamps reduce in size or lose their ionizing effect over time?

A: No, as long as you do not place them in water, over time our Salt lamps will not reduce in size or lose their ionizing effect. They will last forever with only low maintenance of changing bulbs.  You can occasionally dust your lamp, but do not use water as that will change the crystal aesthetically.  


Q: Should I keep my Salt Light on all the time? 
A: Salt lamps are hygroscopic-they absorb moisture from the air, it is important that your lamp stays on as much as possible so that it is warmed by the heat from the bulb. If you do not leave your lamps on for long periods of time (we recommend 24/7) your lamps can begin to “sweat” and cry salt.  Always make sure your lamps are slightly warm to the touch. If your lamps are not getting warm, you are either not leaving them on long enough or you need a higher wattage bulb depending on the size of your lamp.

Our lamps all come with a 15 watt bulb. You can use up to 40 watts for larger lamps.   The larger the lamp, the higher wattage you can use. LED light bulbs are not recommended as they do not “heat” the lamp. Your salt lamp needs to be lit most of the time and kept warm for best affects.


Q: Will the light be too bright to sleep with?

A: We have 15Watt Red bulbs in stock for this reason. These will dim the light without reducing the heat and therefore the efficiency of your lamp.


 Q: What is the difference between the natural shaped lamps and the shaped lamps as far as energy and negative ions?

A: There is no difference as far as energy and negative ions.


Q: How do they ionize?

A: Crystal salt is one of the few minerals whose atomic structure is bound electrically, not molecularly. This characteristic of the mineral structure enables the crystal to change back and forth from crystalline to liquid state. The gentle heat of the lamp in the salt crystal creates a higher surface temperature than the surrounding air. This attracts the water molecules in the cooler surrounding air. The natural humidity in the air condenses on the crystal’s surface. This enables the electrically bound sodium chloride mineral to split into independent (positive) sodium and (negative) chloride ions.

This natural ionization creates an electric charge. After the water molecules evaporate again, the sodium and chloride ions turn back into their crystalline mineral form. When the sun heats up our largest natural salt solutions, the oceans, it generates the natural energy vibration of which our entire global environment consists. Salt crystal creates exactly the same natural energy field. Scientifically speaking, this natural ionization process takes place millions of times, invisible to the eye, and without any influence to the quality of the crystal. Similar to the concept whereby tree leaves absorb dangerous dioxides and transform them into essential oxygen, without damaging the plant.

The atomic structure of crystal salt contains more negative, chloride ions than positive, sodium ions which result in the emission of negative ions during the natural ionization process. Negative ions become dust collectors, attaching themselves to positively charged dust particles and cigarette smoke, purifying the circulating indoors air from dust, bacteria and pollutants.


Q: What size must a Salt Lamp be to give the best results?

A: We recommend at least one or two salt lamps per room- but you can have as many as you like- the more lamps, the better results! 

The smaller the lamp, the closer you should keep your lamp to you. The more lamps or the larger lamps, the farther you can put them. Like plants, the more healthy living things in your living and working space, the better it is for your health.

Q: Do USB Salt Lamps produce negative ions?

A: No. USB Lamps have a LED light bulb in them which do not produce heat. It is the heat from a Light Bulb which heats the salt which then produces negative ions to purify the air.
So, USB lamps are more for balancing EMF from computers, color therapy and metaphysical purposes.

Himalayan Mineral Salt is a crystal, its metaphysical properties include protection from negative energies and surroundings – which Salt is most commonly known for. For many centuries, many cultures have used Salt to cleanse and protect. Because of the pink nature of Himalayan Salt, it can be used for both physical and emotional heart problems.

Salt also vibrates at a similar frequency as our own bodies, so it helps protect us against the EMF (electromagnetic radiation) given off from a computer, TV, cellphone etc. Because of this similar vibration, having Himalayan Salt near you can instill a sense of home and security within ourselves to help us face the challenges of everyday life.
* If you want a Salt Lamp to purify the air, you need a Lamp with an electrical cord and a 15 watt bulb.


Q: Why are my Bulbs blowing?

A: The bulbs used in Himalayan Salt Lamps are meant to be in a stationary position. If they are moved suddenly or are exposed to vibration, they are likely to pop. High humidity can also cause bulbs to pop.
If you have bulbs popping (blowing) regularly, here are some things to take into consideration:
* The bulb is not quite screwed in firmly enough to touch both contacts.
* The bulb is touching the inside surface of the lamp, or after a bulb has been changed, the   cord and bulb has been pushed too far to the top of lamp and is touching the salt.
* The lamp is moved while the lamp has been on for a while.
* There is a large current drawing appliance on the same circuit that is turned on/off and there is a momentary power spike.
* There is excessive ‘micro vibration’ nearby ie: too close to a TV.
* If the lamp has been turned off and it has ‘sweat’ while off and has not been wrapped up, salt may have leaked onto the bulb which will cause it to blow.


Q: Does it matter what color the Salt is? Which color is better?

A: All of the colours contain minerals and offer health benefits. The darker the red and orange colours, the more of the Iron mineral is present within the crystal. When the bulb inside the lamp heats the Salt crystals, the Himalayan Salt releases negative ions – counteracting positive ‘pollutant’ ions in the air; regardless of what color the Lamp is.


Q: Does the electric bill go up if the lamps stay on all the time?

A: Our salt lamps come with a 15 watt bulb and from my experience with them; I have not noticed the electric bill go up, even with several of them staying lit all the time.


Q: To Dim or not to dim

A: We recommend NOT using a dimmer on your salt lamp. With the bulb running at lower power there is less heat being emitted. As we said earlier, we need the salt to be heated in order for the ions to be released.